Hardware crypto wallet tailored for your crypto assets.
Three layers of security combined with physical encryption technology.
Worry less, freeze your assets with BitFreezer.

Trusted in 17 countries and counting

Cold wallet

A cold/hardware wallet is a device for storing cryptocurrency, it is not intended for everyday usage. Nevertheless, you can use your funds at any time. A cold wallet does not have a permanent connection to the internet because its main function is to provide safe storage of cryptocurrency tokens offline. If the wallet has no permanent connection to the internet, hackers cannot steal your assets.

No permanent internet connection

Designed to protect your crypto funds

Antihacking protection embeded

Commonly used for long term token holdings "HODL"

Majority of OS supported

BitFreezer wallet

No permanent internet connection

The operating system is closed from external interference and can safely work with an Internet connection while providing high end security, making it one of the best crypto wallets

Antihacking protection embedded

The wallet boots as an independent OS, thanks to this technology - computer hacking is excluded. Network security is proudly provided by TOR Onion Circuit

Majority of OS supported

To perform safe operations with crypto, you only need to boot the computer using BitFreezer, on average it takes 2 to 7 minutes

True Multiwallet

BitFreezer initial coin support: Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, ERC20 and NEP5. Our team is planning to add new coin support on regular basis. Surely, which token will go next will be decided by a vote on our social media pages

Three layers of protection
& Seed Encryption

Hacking proof OS

Thanks to independent operating system, which is located directly on BitFreezer wallet, you do not have to worry about whether your operating system is infected with malware

Tor network

A popular way to steal crypto assets is to intercept data that passes from the device over the Internet. To enhance security BitFreezer encrypts and transmits all data over the Tor Circuit network

Google authenticator app

In the case of the physical theft of BitFreezer, access to your funds is protected by login code, password and google authenticator app for your smartphone

Physical Encryption Protection

You get the opportunity to protect your Seed (recovery code) with one of the proposed encryption methods. Such encryption techniques have been used for centuries and will become more popular in the future of crypto


BitFreezer wallet runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Current currency support list: DASH, LTC, BTC, BCH, ETH, NEO, ERC20 and XRP.

How to use

BitFreezer setup is easy, just follow 5 steps below and enjoy protection.
For more detailed instructions scan the barcode on your package.


Plug BitFreezer in your computer


Select device as a boot option


Wait for the OS to load on computer

Use wallet

Start up BitFreezer wallet and safely work with Crypto

Get regular updates

We do not provide automatic downloads because we believe that there should be no possibility for anyone including BitFreezer to access your wallet. But we do provide updates which you can use.

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About us

Since 2015, we developed various blockchain projects for our clients in the b2b sector. These include smart contract integration into business processes, software interface creation for decentralized databases, chatbot controlled crypto exchanges and many more.

Being inspired by decentralization and privacy we introduced BitFreezer in late 2017. The project was motivated by absurd prices for equipment related to Cryptocurrencies, especially hardware storage wallets. We believe that this is essential to provide affordable and safe crypto wallets.

One of the biggest ideas behind cryptocurrencies is that no middleman needed, i.e people are becoming banks themselves, would you trust your funds to someone online? We don't want as well, so we introduced BitFreezer - hardware crypto wallet for everyone.

Proudly providing security to our beloved customers in:
Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Slovakia, Canada, USA, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Australia

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